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What's up with that?

How do you pronounce ZOIC?
According to Webster - \zō-ik\. Or just say zoh-wick, as in the word Mesozoic.

What does ZOIC mean?
    1. adj. - Having animal life or action
    1. noun - Clothing for an active life.

  • What's up with the liner in my shorts? Can it be removed?
    We designed our Removable Padded Liner (RPL) system to give you the 2-in-1 value of a pair of cycling shorts and separate mesh liner shorts with a cycling pad. When you first purchase your ZOIC shorts the liner is secured inside the shorts by small snap tabs on each hip. Unsnap the 2 tabs and consider cutteng the snap straps from indside the waistband of your shorts.

    Why shouldn't I leave the liner attached to my shorts?
    For the same reason Old Navy doesn't sell underwear sewn into the waist of their jeans. In our opinion your liner and shorts should move free from each other at the waist to prevent binding and discomfort. We did not design our liners to remain affixed to the shorts, so you should unsnap the tabs holding it in place. You can also then cut off the tabs if you wish.

    Why is product I ordered online now out of stock?

    Best efforts are made to maintain the accuracy of inventory in our online store. However, due to the popularity of some products, there may be times when our website updates haven't caught up with recent orders. If you are seeking an item that is out of stock, we encourage you to check availability at one of our retailers or contact customer service for further assistance.