Riding Info

What is your primary bike?
Cannondale Jekyll Carbon Team
How many bikes do you own?
Preferred style of riding:
I don’t discriminate.
What is your favorite destination trail/area?

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Digging Deeper

What motivates you to ride?
Riding bikes is part of my DNA. Motivation is not required. But for those days I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, it’s riding friends, tacky dirt, and epic stories that are created on the trail.
Biking related goals for 2016:
Ride more. 100 days sounds like a nice target. I’d also like to start commuting. And last but not least, I think it’s time for a few DH podiums again.
Name some of your strengths and talents:
I know how to throw a mean power slide. I’ve learned the fine art of icing aches and pains.I’m a certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor (PMBI). I’m an international gummy bear aficionado. Haribo Gold Bears, FTW. I’m a serious data nerd. Tableau, Alteryx, Excel, Google Analytics, SQL, databases, and stuff.