Riding Info

What is your primary bike?
Ibis Mojo SLR
How many bikes do you own?
Preferred style of riding:
What is your favorite destination trail/area?
Downieville and the surrounding Sierra Buttes

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Digging Deeper

What motivates you to ride?
): I love the sense of joy that overwhelms me during a ride. The quiet of the trail, the intense focus needed to tackle technical terrain, and the exhilarating feeling of ripping it downhill all take me to my happy place. The sensation that I get when I overcome a section of trail that I may have previously walked is pretty addicting. Each time I ride, I chase that feeling and become more skilled, fitter, and faster. It’s pretty awesome.
Biking related goals for 2016:
I want to continue to build on the successes and experiences from the last year. I am only two years into MTBing. This past year was filled with a lot of accomplishments, including my first mountain bike race (The Downieville Classic), helping build/maintain trail, and founding a local all ladies mountain bike group in Reno (the Sage Bushes). I can’t wait for the snow to thaw and get back out there to keep building skills and getting better.
Name some of your strengths and talents:
Strengths: Tough, energetic, easy going, I take a licking and keep on ticking, and determined. I also have an awful sense of smell that I have found to be a strength while hanging out with smelly mountain bikers. Talents: I can open a twist top beer bottle with my forearm. I can also tie a cherry stem in a knot with in my tongue and teeth. I am really good at falling and not getting hurt (most of the time).