Riding Info

What is your primary bike?
Santa Cruz Bronson with Enve and Easton build
How many bikes do you own?
9! Beach cruiser (Electra), BMX (PK Ripper “Big Ripper”), Rigid Steel commuter (Custom), Long-distance road/comfort (Specialized Tri-Cross), Long-travel steel hardtail (Kona Explosif), Trail (Santa Cruz Bronson), All-Mountain (Specialized Enduro), Old school (GT LTS-Team), Electric cruiser (Ezee Bike)
Preferred style of riding:
All Mountain/Enduro
What is your favorite destination trail/area?
Mammoth, both in the park and surrounding trails.

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Digging Deeper

What motivates you to ride?
Constant progression. I grew up riding/racing BMX and then Mountain Bikes from when I was about 7 years old until I was in my 20’s. Then I had a bad snowboard accident and couldn’t really ride a bike for more than 10 years. One Father’s Day a few years back, my wife and a friend had my old race bike cleaned up as a surprise and two minutes into my first ride I was hooked all over again! I didn’t even realize how much I missed it – from the gut-wrenching climbs, to the technical descents, and especially the camaraderie with others on the trail – and I haven’t looked back since. Simply put, I’m motivated to ride because it feeds my soul!
Biking related goals for 2015:
Ride and film with more people of all ages and skill levels; Explore new trails throughout Southern California with my good friend and riding partner, ZOIC BAD ASS Skye Walker
Name some of your strengths and talents:
By far, my greatest strengths are my ability to connect with people, and my passion for the outdoors and environmental protection. Ten years ago these passions drove me to create Coast Law Group (CLG), which has grown into one of the premier environmental law firms in the state of California. We’re essentially a family of like-minded professionals committed to a healthy work/life balance while providing the highest level of service to a wide range of client types. We were even named the 8th best place to work in the country by Outside Magazine in 2014! In the past, I’ve at times been a competitive surfer and sponsored snowboarder, two things I continue to love to do as frequently as time permits.