Riding Info

What is your primary bike?
Santa Cruz Nomad - murdered out.
How many bikes do you own?
Two. The Nomad and a Linus town bike.
Preferred style of riding:
What is your favorite destination trail/area?
Locally, Noble Canyon.

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Digging Deeper

What motivates you to ride?
Being in nature is the first thing. Getting away from the daily grind of shit. But also being with friends who enjoy the same thing and experiencing something a lot of people are afraid to experience… adventure.
Biking related goals for 2016:
Don’t tear my ACL like in 2014. And ride lots of new places.
Name some of your strengths and talents:
I’m a contract muralist, artist and graphic designer. I work for a variety of different companies and I’ve even created graphics for Zoic, including the popular truck t-shirt. I also love to shoot and edit video, and have done a few Zoic inspired edits from my trips with Marco in the last two years. Minus the time I wasn’t riding and I was rehabbing from ACL surgery. Skye Walker