May 28 2014 - 12:01pm | by suehaywood

It seems like summer biking season is in full swing on the East Coast! Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest is one of the best events of the year. Its is a mountain bike festival with over 2,000 people coming out to ride demo bikes, visit sponsor booths, camp with friends, swim in the lake and ride trails. The location is Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania on the Allegrippis Trails. These trails are like a giant pump track. They are all flow and so fun! Everyone comes back to the venue smiling and feeling like a superstar.
This year, my role was to lead women's skills clinics and the Sunday women's...

Dirt Fest 2014!
Dirt Fest 2014!
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May 23 2014 - 4:00pm | by clintonfowler

Fellow mountain bike riders, I have acquired a new pair of shorts!!! On the surface, it doesn't sound groundbreaking, right!? Not like shorts are some new technological advancement that's going to help you get in shape, drop 10lbs, or shave 5 seconds off your run. But come on, it's the beginning of a new riding season, at least here in the Pacific Northwest, and that means new gear and the anticipation that comes with your new purchases.

My new shorts are from ZOIC. The new for 2014 ZOIC Ether LT. Can you guess what the LT represents?! Longer inseam. You know what that really...

Ether LT Impressions
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May 19 2014 - 11:14am | by miguelramos

GAME ON!! The mountain bike season kicked off in beautiful Monterey California, at the annual Sea Otter Classic. I have been training for months...Through Alaskan winter storms, to record breaking SoCal highs. Battling sickness and heart ache, all for the sake of racing. I love what I do...even if it does not pay anything. You cant put a price on this dream of glory, and its never a sacrifice but more of a choice. I choose to race mountain bikes because I can, because I want to.

Sea Otter is the season opener to test the skills and fitness, and improve on them if need be. All week...

Game On!!!
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May 12 2014 - 11:49am | by suehaywood

Sunday Funday

This year I'm racing less on Sundays and recapturing the spirit of riding with friends. There is nothing better than getting out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with a small group of friends, riding sweet single track and getting the blood pumping.

It's nice getting out of the lycra billboard that is the racers' uniform and getting into the stylish baggy clothes of a trail rider. I've been loving my ZOIC Navaeh Shorts and ZOIC "Ride with Heart" jersey. It makes a positive difference to put on some comfortable shorts and a cool shirt to go out and ride a...

Sunday Funday
Sunday Funday
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May 5 2014 - 11:57am | by skyewalker

Years ago my buddies told me to get some lights for night riding. I was like, nah, I sleep at night. But I was missing out!
I got some sweet lights and I got quite often now, especially when it’s hotter than hell during the day. Did a fun ride last night
and it was warm, clear skies with the stars out and little critters running all over the trail. From rabbits to snakes to tarantulas.

It’s given me a whole new outlook on riding, and it challenges your skills because the trails you know change a lot at night, so it’s like
riding somewhere else. I was wearing my...

Night Riding!
Night Riding!
Night Riding!
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Mar 25 2014 - 11:53am | by miguelramos

I have not always been a fan of spandex. When I first tried them on in College; while racing for the Fort Lewis Cycling team, I was skeptical at first. My first ride wearing a pair of bibs was like heaven…I could not believe I rode my bike for years without wearing bibs or padded shorts. My life was forever changed…I would never go back. My first time wearing a pair of the ZOIC Ether Shorts was even more of a dream then my first chamois experience. First of all, I look normal with these sweet shorts that are loaded with awesome and useful pockets. Then there is the non-existent feel of the...

Sleep and Ride in these Baggies!
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Dec 12 2013 - 10:50am | by Anonymous

Kelsey Knoedler, Guest Services Manager at DuVine Cycling and Adventure Company put our ladies line to the test...

Every fashionista knows the importance of having a wardrobe that can mix and match, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from ZOIC. I was totally obsessed with my Damsel Plaid Woven Skirt. The polyester, water-resistant skirt was sporty yet feminine. The padded chamois bike shorts were attachable but also removable, so I could easily wear the shirt over a bathing suit or regular spandex shorts when not on the bike. When zip-lining across the valleys, canyons and forests...

DuVine Review
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Oct 30 2013 - 12:47pm | by Anonymous

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Oct 18 2013 - 3:40pm | by Anonymous

The ZOIC Warehouse SALE
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Where: ZOIC New HQ, 5611 Palmer Way, Suite F, Carlsbad, CA 92010

ZOIC will be holding their much-anticipated warehouse sale for ONE DAY ONLY at
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will fill with "bottomless" beer, all...

Warehouse Sale
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Aug 27 2013 - 12:33pm | by Anonymous

Get a jump on Fall with cool weather coverage from ZOIC!

Check out our fall lineup...

-Coalition Shacket
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We hope you enjoy the new pieces to our collection!

-ZOIC Crew
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Men's Fall has arrived!
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