Cindy Abbott Austin, TX


Bike: Juliana Strega


Where can we find you out riding?

I used to love riding by myself, but now I find that so boring!  So I have to say that riding with a group of shreddy ladies is my favorite way to ride.  There's something about connecting with a group of women who share the same passion and can also ride hard.  Ask Amy B about our ladies-only shred session in Post Canyon this summer (that was the highlight of my summer)!  Also, techy/rocky trails, flow trails, and jump lines are my favorite type of riding, although in Texas we don't really have much of that so I have to enjoy our steep, rocky/ledgy, and tight singletrack.


Favorite post-ride food or drink: 

The Lonestar beer-chelada for sure! This includes a Lonestar poured in a pint glass with salt around the rim and mixed with bloody mary mix, definitely the best way to replenish those salts after a hot Texas ride! Favorite food has to be fried chicken if I feel like I did work on the ride!


What are you getting into in 2018? 

I'm hoping to start a lady-focused organization that caters to women who want to play outside, empowering them to pursue their outdoor adventure passions through instruction, events, and stories.  Additionally, I will be coaching my high school mountain bike team for the 4th year and through this I hope to continue to grow the sport of mountain biking by getting more kids on bikes.  In my spare time, I will try to race as many Enduro World Series races as possible, as well as a handful of other Pro enduro races in North America.  I'll be racing pro at Sea Otter for my first ever trip to the festival this year!  The Pacific Northwest is my favorite place to ride, so I will likely be trying to spend as much time there as possible.


What ZOIC gear is in heavy rotation right now?

Jerra Jersey and Navaeh Print Shorts