Dustin Allard - Boulder, CO


Day Job: City of Boulder, Open Space & Mountain Parks – Visitor Access


Bike: Knolly Warden


Where can we find you out riding?

I love switching it up through the week. An average week for me is made up of a gravel ride from my house leading wherever the road takes me. I'll throw in another singletrack ride after work a night or two a week as well. (I'm lucky enough to be able to ride to a local spot from my house). On the weekend I like to do a longer ride or two one of which is usually somewhere new if I'm lucky! As much as possible I ride with my buddies but if I'm training I'll hammer something out solo. As often as possible I like to meet new riders on the trail so we can link up again and explore new places. Come race season I spend my weekends traveling around the Rockies. This year I plan to race the Rocky Mountain Enduro Series as well as other select enduro races. I try to make it home to Vermont once a year as well to ride Burke, I love that place!


Favorite post-ride food or drink: 

Ah man... that's a tough question. There is a place in Lyons CO called Oscar Blues that does a burger called The Sylo. It's a bacon burger with pulled pork and basically everything else they have the kitchen on top of it. That, with a beer would really hit the spot right now.... I just wrapped up a ride! In a pinch chocolate milk and some beef jerky does the trick!


What are you getting into in 2018? 

In 2018 I will race the entire Rocky Mountain Enduro Series as well as other select Enduro races. In the Fall I will continue to experiment with CX races, as well. I hope to get the "trail work via bicycle" program up and running in the spring at OSMP. I want to participate in as many dig days and local volunteer projects as possible. As far as travel is concerned, I would like to continue to explore areas of Colorado I have not ridden. I hope to return to Iceland, this time with my bicycle, and explore the incredible terrain there on two wheels.


What ZOIC gear is in heavy rotation right now?

The Heritage Hoody and Ether SL Shorts are my heavy rotation picks at the moment. So comfy!!