Jeremiah Stone - sedona, AZ


Day Job:

I'm a professional trail builder and mtb skills coach cleverly disguised as a full time nomad!



As of right now I'm hammering on my Santa Cruz Hightower LT and training on a Niner RLT, but I've got a stable around the country with a Salsa Fargo in the mix as well as a Transition TransAm and my DJ is a Transition PBJ. But with events like the Sedona MTB Festival and all those demos, who knows what's next!


Where can we find you out riding?

I'm currently wintering in Sedona, bouncing through the chunder muffins and building strength in the tech, then I'll spend some time in Moab, and head northwest in the summer and into Canada for this year's TransBC Enduro!


Favorite post-ride food or drink: 

This is way too strong of a motivator for me, I'm developing a reputation for being very food focused! My go to right now is smoked turkey and sweet potato fries, or an all out assault on the hot food bar at Whole Foods!


What are you getting into in 2019? 

My biggest riding focus this year is to put a ton of effort into the TransBC Enduro. I'd like to use it as a platform for a great riding season this spring, and keep me focused on getting stronger and therefore having more fun on the bike. I'm also getting my coaching certification this spring, and looking forward to helping other people have more fun! After that, I'm hoping to feel stronger than ever before so I'll be looking at all kinds of events to jump in on!


What ZOIC gear is in heavy rotation right now?

Definitely the Ether 14's, button up jerseys, and I love the ZOIC socks!