Katy Niksic Grand Prairie, Alberta


Day Job: Teacher, but took this year off to bike and travel


Bike: The bike thing is awkward. Likely a Trek Remedy but the separation papers have not been finalized and I still have feelings for my Juliana!


Where can we find you out riding?

Literally everywhere in BC and Alberta! And Sedona and wherever my little green van will take me!


Favorite post-ride food or drink: 

Kombucha & a fresh Okanagan peach


What are you getting into in 2018? 

Ride as much as I can, in the best places! I also registered to do that same 8 hour relay race.....but solo this time! My hope is to take my little green van down to Idaho and take part in the Sturdy Dirty Race series and continue on exploring some new territory.


What ZOIC gear do is on heavy rotation?

The Jerra Jersey and Navaeh Shorts!