Lindsey Carpenter - Harrisonburg, VA


Day Job:

For the past few summers, I have been working with Dirt Artisans Trail Company building mountain bike trails. This has been my favorite work experience - spending every day outside, helping create such joyful things - trails! During the rest of the year I work some with GiddyUp Courier, a local food delivery service via bike. GiddyUp delivers for lots of downtown and locally owned restaurants, and is an awesome way to earn some cash and stay pedaling! I recently started working in construction with Sustainable Solutions of Virginia as my primary job until trail building season, which has been an incredible learning experience so far that I’m really enjoying. All of my jobs are in the field, challenging, and highly active, which leave my body and brain feeling good at the end of the day.



The Salsa Redpoint and Salsa Warbird!


Where can we find you out riding?

Near our homebase, Harrisonburg, VA. We are surrounded by mountains with tons of trail. Lots of rocky ridgelines and backcountry singletrack. The road riding in our valley is also fantastic, so we fit in a lot of pavement and gravel shredding too!


Favorite post-ride food or drink: 

Chips and a beer are hard to beat!


What are you getting into in 2019? 

Trying to fit in as much riding and traveling as I can while hustling jobs and spending time with my man Sam and our dog! Working together in trail building is a treat, and we will be spending a good portion of this coming year building at Jake’s Rocks in Warren, Pennsylvania. We hope to hit lots of enduros, stage races, and some NUE series events throughout the year, and want to take our van on a few trips to ride, hike, fish, and explore!


What ZOIC gear is in heavy rotation right now?

I wear my  Navaeh shorts all the time, for lifestyle rides, delivering, or just around. The Henley jersey is up there too - it’s great for when I’m riding on the road or without a pack because of the pockets, plus it’s real style-y!