Tom "Danger" Place - Asheville, NC


Bike: Yeti SB5.5c in full tank mode


Where can we find you out riding?  

Group rides (riding a group activity to me, not a solo venture), events that are fun, races that have gnarly trails, stage races like BC Bike Race and Singletrack6, Dirt Church every Sunday, and TONS of night rides.


Favorite post-ride food or drink: 

Immediately after a ride all I want is a Coke, no food, no beer, just Coke. Immediately after a Coke I want a beer, usually a Dale’s Pale Ale is my go-to.


What are you getting into in 2018?

Managing Bag Crew again for BCBR, going to several events like Sedona MTB Festival and Interbike, racing some enduros, raising money for Project Bike Love and traveling to Paraguay to tune up bikes that we are donating, the Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race, and a couple trips to exciting gnarly trails somewhere outside NC.


What Zoic gear is in heavy rotation right now? 

The Ether 14" Shorts in Flash and the Turnt Gloves!