Ether Shorts + Liner
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  • Ether Shorts - Teal
  • Ether Shorts - Teal
  • Included - Men's Essential Liner w/foam chamois pad

Ether Shorts + Liner NEW COLORS

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The Ether on Brand Ambassador Simon Bosman shredding Sedona

Outside"Everything you want in all-mountain shorts."
- Outside Magazine Summer Buyer's Guide 2015 (read the review)

OutsideBest Buy Award for mountain bike shorts!
- OutdoorGearLab (read the review)

  • 12" Inseam falls just at the knees
  • Elastic back waistband and hook-and-loop side-adjuster tabs for a personal fit, secures with snap and zip fly closure
  • Please refer to our Size Chart to find *your* best fit
  • DuraFlex fabric stretches when you move and resists abrasion
  • Fusion Inseam Gusset ensures superior range of motion and eliminates seat hang-ups
  • Integrated Air Flow mesh ventilation panels below back waistband and down legs
  • 6 pockets provide convenient storage
  • Active Access cargo pocket placement
  • Short comes with our removable IPL Essential Liner with ZOIC Comfort chamois
    Fabric contents:
  • Shell: 95% Polyester/5% Spandex
  • Gusset: 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex
  • Liner: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex

*The liner loop/snap tabs are are designed to keep the liners connected to the shorts until sold, these are not meant to be connected while riding and we suggest removing them after purchase.


  • Ether - Gold
  • Ether - Shadow
  • Ether Blue & Libertee

The magazine and web site reviews are true

I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the web site and magazine reviews of the Zoic Either shorts and included liner were all true. If you've read them, then there is little more that I can say, other than to be in agreement with the authors/testers. But I suppose I'll provide my own observations.

These are suburb shorts, with lots of pockets, lots of waist adjustment and a nice fit on and off the saddle. Build quality is very good and the shorts hold up well after many rides and many washings. They make a good fashion statement, too. To the trained eye they are MTB baggies, but to the average joe they are casual sport shorts. It's easy to wear these all day, ride in the morning and then then hang out someplace later in the day for lunch or dinner and not feel compelled to change because you'll look out of place when you are off the trail.

Lots and lots of pockets. I especially like the right side leg pocket that is both zipped and has a ring and carabiner to hold you keys. Loosing your keys is impossible as they are attached to your shorts and zipped up. You'll find sufficient zip pockets to secure all the stuff you want with you while you ride. Pocket positioning is very good. The back pocket is located in a good position slightly above the right butt cheek, so you don't find yourself sitting on the pocket's contents when riding. The unsecured side pockets are great when not riding, they are a lot like jean pockets, a great place to put your hands when you don't have anyplace else to put them, and they are good for holding stuff when you are not riding.

The cut of the Ether short is excellent. Flexibility is built in, in all the right places. You are just as comfortable in the saddle as you are off the saddle. Although these are MBT baggies, they are just the right level of bagginess for me, and roomy enough in the rear when on the saddle that you don't have restricted leg movement when peddling, but not so baggy that you get your shorts hooked up on the seat when getting on and off the saddle.

Color selection is also very good, you can get these in muted colors like blacks and grays, all the way up to bright and vibrant colors like yellow, orange and florescent green. The brighter colors say MTB shorts, but the darker colors are better suited for all day wear.

The included Zoic Essential Liner is functional and reasonably comfortable for a basic ride. I've been in the saddle with the included Essential liner for up to 2 hours and found them reasonably comfortable. The Essential liner is well built, but the chamois is very thick and quite a bit thicker and wider than the chamois found in the higher end liners that Zoic sells. I'd characterize the Essential liner as a great gateway liner for somebody's first bike outing or their first forray into MTB, but it isn't really the best liner you can buy and use. If you are particular about your liner short, then keep what you like and purchase the Either without a liner. This is best for another review, but the Premium and better liners from Zoic are excellent, so don't let the included liner turn you off it if itsn't your cup of tea.

Another issue with the included Essential liner is that the material is a polyester mesh, which is basically see-thru in most lighting conditions. On a hot summer day, the mesh material is great at keeping your cool, but if you are bashful and changing into and out of your gear in mixed company, there will be very little left to the imagination. Zoic's higher end liners beginning with the Premium liner use an entirely different fabric for the liner, which is not see-thru at all. If this is a big concern to you, then keep this in mind when deciding if you are going to purchase the Either kit that includes the liner or if you are just going to purchase the Either short stand alone. It is important to note that the Zoic Either Premium (different base fabric, slightly different pocket layout and features) kit includes a Premium liner and not the Essential liner.

I'm super pleased with the Zoic Either and think there is no better MTB short value on the market. The Essential liner will provide a more comfortable ride, but the liner isn't nearly as good as Zoic's higher end stand alone liners that you can buy separately from the Either shorts. I will gladly buy Zoic shorts again and again based on how well the Either has performed for me.

Ether Shorts

I've been wearing Ether Shorts for many years. The latest version fits better and feels better. Replacing all my old Ether shorts.

I bought my first pair of

I bought my first pair of zoics about five years ago and fell in love.Everything you could ask for,adjustable waistline plenty of pockets,zippered pockets very durable.since then Ive bought A pair or so a year,this year I wanted to be a little more colorful so L bought 3 pairs .I like to switch them around.Still wearing the ones I bought Five Years ago.

I bought my first pair of

I bought my first pair of zoics about five years ago and fell in love.Everything you could ask for,adjustable waistline plenty of pockets,zippered pockets very durable.since then Ive bought A pair or so a year,this year I wanted to be a little more colorful so L bought 3 pairs .I like to switch them around.Still wearing the ones I bought Five Years ago.

Solid, solid, solid

I have two pairs of these shorts. They are my workhorses. The liner is adequate and the shorts themselves have proven durable and plenty stylish enough. There are plenty of pockets. I enjoy the clip for my keys in the pocket — I always know exactly where they are after each ride. Really can’t ask for much more out of a pair of MTB shorts.

Ether Shorts

Great pair of shorts and comfortable. I love all the pockets for secure storage of keys, wallet, snacks etc. I've only been using them for a couple months but they seem to be very durable. I've purchased numerous pairs and they are my favorite short. I highly recommend.

Best shorts I have used to date

These shorts fit perfectly and while I ride a lot each week, I don't have the most athletic build. With that out there, I feel these shorts have the stashability and flex needed to support my rides short and long rides.

Ether shorts and liner are great!

These are my go to shorts and liner. I have numerous other pairs from other companies but the ether shorts are more comfortable and easier to use. I love the reinforced area around the zipper as I can use it with one gloved hand. I haven't found any other shorts with this feature. The only thing I would like to see is an improvement on the Velcro as other items that I wash these with tend to gravitate towards the Velcro and end up stuck on it by the end of the cycle.

The liner is the best that I have tried. The materials are top notch and the pad is excellent. I just ordered a second pair to wear under some other brand shorts because the liner is so much better than the one that came with those.

Overall a great product and I will continue to buy more in the future!

My new Ether shorts

Finally, a comfortable pair of riding shorts with pockets! I got the gray ones, and I will also buy them in black and maroon. Need those pockets!!!


This is the 4th pair of Zoic's that I've bought.
And the reason that I have bought four pairs is because they are GREAT.
Comfortable, durable, well made and nice looking as well.
The last is a bonus to me, more of a selling point to my wife.

But... the last pair had a problem with the shorts after maybe 8-10 rides.
Four of the five zippers failed pretty spectacularly all at the same time.
I checked the return policy and then complained. Zoic, did something that
I find is the sign of a great company that will keep my business for a LONG time.
They replaced them, free of charge.

Ok. So now I have a product that is great from a company that backs them up.
Thank you very much Zoic.
I will have no hesitancy in referring people to buy your products.

awsome shorts

I have three pairs of ether shorts. I use them for more than mountain biking. They are as good as any shorts period. I use Specialized Mountain Bib shorts with SWAT underneath my Zoics as I prefer bibs. I have many other brands of mountain bike shorts that sit in my drawer unused.

Best MTB shorts

I ordered the Ether shorts online as my local bike shop did not have my size in stock. Great looking shorts. Has an adjustable elastic waist band so these will fit comfortably. These shorts will last a very long time as long as you do not machine dry. Just wash in cold water and air dry. I ordered the shorts with the liner. Not sure if I will use that much but nice to have just in case.

Can't keep it up

Great looking and comfy shorts with great color options but the keep falling down even clipped in the liner. Emphasis on stretch

Very durable, look great, stretches, accurate sizing, 6 pockets!

The new Duraflex fabric is a huge improvement over the older ripstop fabric that the old Ethers were made from. The Duraflex fabric lives up to its name in that it stretches with your movement on the bike, and these shorts are very, very durable. After wearing these Ethers for about 11 months (2x/week), I can't see any noticeable wear. I think part of the durability has to do with the fact that the fabric creates much less friction than the old ripstop version; as a result, the Duraflex fabric does not pill and shows very little, if any, wear. So, these are big improvements on what was already a great short in terms of looks, well placed and seal seam-looking zippered pockets for phone, wallet etc. The sizing is also accurate...I am 6'1" with a 33" waist and the size Large fits well. I could see the size Large easily fitting a size 34 waist too. Finally, customer service is superb...they stand by their products and I would rank their warranty support best in class.


The ether shorts are the best shorts i've ever used. Comfy, durable, and great looking. So good, i bought them in 4 different colors. Well done Zoic!

ether short with stretch waistband

The fabric drys well. Based on the size chart, these fit me a little too snugly. 34" waist. ordered large. The liner is too tight around my thighs and are also too short....only reaches mid thigh. For the price, not too satisfied.

Men's black xl Ether shorts and liner

Found these on llbean,who I had a $70 credit with, so I gave them a try. We'll I'm glad to say that I am very pleased with your product. I am 64 years old and bike approx 60 miles a week. I'm 5'5" 180lbs give or take with a 36" waist. I purchased xl as per your size chart. The fit is perfect. I've had this product about a month now washed about 3 times. The product seems to be very well made and worth the price, which at first, I thought to be high. I am looking forward to many more rides and possibly, trying more of your products

My Favorite Shorts Ever!

When I bought my first pair of these shorts I thought they were kind of pricey. But after the first time wearing them I liked them so much I bought two more pair! Not only are they comfortable, I like the pockets so much for putting my car keys, phone and snacks in that I now wear them for road biking too. And, with the liner removed, they're also great hiking shorts. I also like that they're durable. I recently took a bad spill and my first concern was for my shorts and my bike. They were both fine... but I was more than a little scraped and bruised. I wish my skin was as tough as these shorts.

Awesome shorts!

These shorts are great! Roomy enough for lazy trail/DH riding but light, breathable and flexible to make them perfect for hardcore trail and XC riding. I have never had a seat hang up, which I deplore. I am a 30 waist and the medium is a little too roomy - I have to cinch the waist straps all the way, so I have ordered a small and given my mediums to a buddy. The liner is basic and quite thin. I have never used it as I prefer to use with a quality bib short with substantial padding for logging miles on day rides.

Great shorts!!!

These shorts are awesome!!! They feel great, look great, and the pad is the most comfortable I've ever used. Pockets are well placed and usable. Totally going to buy more of these!

Ether Shorts are SO Comfortable

The Zoic Ether Shorts are a quality mens MTB short. The Ethers and Liners are SO comfortable. I have a 32" waist but my thighs are large for my waist size and it's hard to find shorts that give me enough room so that I don't "feel" restricted while pedaling.The Ethers are both roomy and comfortable. Lots of storage pockets. I would say that these are a great "Cross Country" style short. If you are a downhill type you might want to consider something a little more heavy weight. I am a real mountain biker and this is a real unbiased review. Hope it helps.

Ether shorts are so comfortable

The ether shorts are great. They're super comfortable and have lots of pockets. They also come in awesome colors as well. Probably the best thing though is that they breathe really well on hot days, especially if you wear the mesh liner with the shorts.

Great shorts!

I have owned a black pair for a couple of years now and I find it a step down to use anything else. I have never had issues with the zippers. The adjustable waistband is always fitting well even when I am bloated from too many waffles.

Just well made shorts that move with you and never seem to snag on the seat.

I will be buying more.

Great Pair of Shorts (especially for BIG guys)

Just added 2 more pairs to the one i already had and im loving them.
I got them in Orange and Blue. Love that they have Duraflex.
Will definitely be getting more soon.

zoic ether shorts

Bought two pairs of Ether shorts and
initially I loved them,but the zippers are cheap.....I've read the zippers are cheap and have been extra careful when using mine ,and one pair is already junk because of the opens up when the zipper is up.....These shorts have maybe 12 rides on them....I wold NOT recommend these to anyone....sad too because I really like everything else about the shorts:(

Ether shorts rock

Bought my first pair of Ethers about a year ago after positives reviews on I now own a pair in every color. Why? They are perfect for my style of MTBing and after the ride I just remove the liner short and wear them wherever. The shorts are tough but light & flexible, well vented & dry fast, have great pocket locations (esp for phone), come with a great (removable) liner short and (most importantly) they perform well on the bike and look great off the bike.

fantastic shorts

i have had these shorts for some time now and i love them. my only issue was that i had one pair and always had to wash them right away to ride the next day because i dont want to ride in anything else. luckily for me i just got another pair in so that problem is solved! i recommend these to everyone i talk to that is in the market for shorts. they fit great, the liner is great, i love the amount and design of the pockets which are perfect for holding your keys, phone, snacks, anything.

Ether shorts review

Got these shorts in XXL Black. Good looking short with an excellent fit! I am 6'5" and the length is perfect for a tall guy. Adjustable velcro waistband makes them very comfortable. I also love the pocket for my iPhone. I like these so much I wear them without the liner to the gym!

Ether DuraFlex

I have been riding in Zoic shorts for five years now and got the DuraFlex last year. Great shorts. Love the give.

Just bought my second pair.

Just bought my second pair. First pair still wearing well, but now I have color options! Great shorts.

Favorite Shorts

I own a few pairs of riding shorts from other brands and these are by far, my favorite. Very light, and stretchy in just the right places. They are also comfy and stylish enough to wear around town when not biking. Nice job!

Ether short

Absolutely love these shorts! I have many from a few different brands but I keep washing and rewearing these. ...but you'd never be able to tell. They still look brand new.

Zoic ether

Great shorts only short I use now!


My wife and I do long distance rides/touring and I bought the Ether short as an option to try as opposed to spandex. I bought the short w/o the Essential Liner/Chamois and instead bought the Carbon chamois from ZOIC. GREAT product and I absolutely love it. Very cool, stretchable and most of all, COMFORTABLE. I am ordering another pair and getting rid of all my spandex shorts. The top end Carbon chamois/liner is well worth the small price difference. I will be ordering another carbon chamois/liner as well.

Besides the comfort and airflow of the Ether short, it is VERY functional with the pockets and the overall design. The material dries pretty quickly as well.


Update: broken pocket zipper

Update: broken pocket zipper shorts replaced within 72 hours. GREAT customer service! No zipper issues so far on new shorts. I love a company that stands behind their product this well!!! These shorts are soooo comfortable on the trail! You have a customer for life!

2nd Pair of Ethers

Liked my first pair of Ethers so much, I needed a second pair. (My third pair of Zoics and my brand of choice). Great looks and quality. Would buy another, but need to save cash for some Zoic winter cycling togs.

Good looking and comfortable

Good looking and comfortable short. Zipper on pocket ripped and is useless after two weeks. Other than that I love this short.

Great Britches

Great looking. Very comfortable with the built in stretch. This is my 2nd pair of Zoic bottoms. Still wearing the 1st with no signs of wear after two years. These seem even more durable.

Ether Shorts

Warning, this may be a lengthy review.....

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Have been trying to find for the longest time a pair of MTB Shorts that actually fit properly. After several BAD experiences ordering on line from different stores along with Ebay, I had almost come to the conclusion that it was just not meant to be. I am 49 years old, single dad who works 10 hr. days just to make ends meet and have added 40 lbs. of unwanted weight. I decided to get back into riding for a couple of reasons, one so I can start living again and get outside the box I never seem to leave and two to exercise and loose some of this weight.

I came across your site and decided to give it another try and am glad I did. After reading several reviews and liking the selections, I went to your size chart to make sure you had something to fit my 40" (Girth) waistline which by your chart was the XXL 40-43. Going back to the reviews, people had noted that your sizes were true to fit so I went in search of the short I liked and came across the Ether Shorts with the DuraFlex stretch fabric, picked a color (RED) to match my Cannondale then went to pick my size and was disappointed that my size was not available....went back and chose black and this time my size was available.

Crossing my fingers, I ordered the pair of shorts for $80.00 which I would never normally pay but thought maybe the cost would justify quality and fit. Added the 15% discount you so generously provided and the order was placed. Two days later I got the shorts in the mail opened the package put hem up to my waist for a quick sizing and with a big grin ran to my room discarding clothing along the way eager to try them on. As I started to put them on I noticed right away this was going to be a good fit and when I got them around my waist and buttoned them with no problem I let out a victorious HELL YEAH! I did several stretches, squats and deep knee bends and they were everything I wanted with what seems to be a quality product.

So in conclusion, I just wanted to say thanks and I will be putting these to the test next weekend. If they work out I will order a second pair hopefully in RED.

Chris D
Chatsworth, Ca.

Zoic Ether Review

I love the Ethers, and Zoic customer service! I had a pair of Ethers I wore for a few months, and one day the crotch area of the shorts tore open when I threw my leg over the bike. I sent them back for repair, and the tear unfortunately happened again. Zoic customer service is top notch though, and they upgraded me to the new stretch Ethers, and sent me the new shorts...I had them in my mailbox 2 days later. Not only are there shorts great, but the company is really looking out for its customers.

Ether shorts

The liner is great with thicker padding and zippered pockets are well constructed. Best shorts out there and great for my road bike because I refuse to wear spandex. Would have got five flames but tightening tabs for waist need more adjustment.

Awesome shorts

Just recently started mountain biking, primarily downhill. Had to get all the essential gear of course. Tried a couple different shorts and these are by far the best. Super comfy, plenty of pockets, lightweight but durable and a clutch chamois. Highly recommended.

Zoic Ether Shorts

After years of wearing heavy DH MTB shorts I stumbled onto a pair of Zoic Ether shorts at R.E.I.

I gave them a try and I LOVED THEM !!!!!!!!!! The next day I ordered a 2nd pair I liked them sooo much :)

SUPER comfy and light.
The stretch fabric works great, and the elastic waist on the back of the shorts basically hold them in place no matter how much you are moving while riding, without being too tight:)

I'm a 35 waist and the XL are perfect.

I can't comment on the chamois because I do not use them....


What more could you ask for??

Very Pleased!

Bought for mountain biking, but after trying on, I could even use for casual wear. Great, functional design (zippered pockets, not too baggy/not too slim and catchy designs). The stretch fabric is a game changer for activities that need a comfortable range of motion without sacrificing fit. The liner is a nice add-on because it's removable and can be used with other shorts. It's a good buy for the price. Fits true to Zoic sizing chart (I bought Large - 5' 11' 200lbs 34" waist). There is lee-way with sizing due to the elastic, adjustable waistband. Coming back for a second pair! Very happy with the purchase.

Ether stretch shorts

I've ridden with zoic clothing for over 15 years and find the products durable and well thought out for mountain biking purposes.
These new "stretch" version of the Ether short allow for just a touch more on the bike maneuverability and the smooth face fabric doesn't attrack trail side vegetation to grab you as you zip past.

Excellent shorts...

I get many goood comments on these shorts. Certainly unexpected...but very positive unsolicited comments from my fellow group riders. Very comfortable, I wear on road rides n group rides. I'm not a mountain biker but the 3 pair I have r excellent! I don't use the liners...very comfortable without the padding.

My new Favs

I purchased these to wear biking obviously but when I tried them on my wife (who is very picky) said something I never expected - "Those shorts look better on you than the ones you wear around town - you should wear them every day not just for biking!" Boy that blew me away.

So I wore then on a weekend ride and then to the grocery store and got positive comments both places. They are certainly great on or off the road - comfortable, unbelievably easy to adjust and needless to say good looking. The length is perfect. I can't imagine wearing anything else while riding and with all the pockets they are great around town also (an add plus if my wife loves them)

I'll be back to buy additional pairs soon - perhaps I'll suggest my wife get me some for Christmas....

These are my go to shorts!

These are my go to shorts! They provide what I look for comfort,durability & style..,.good job

Quality and Fit

There is no question these are worth the money. The fit (refer to sizing chart) is excellent and easy to make adjustments. I'm definitely glad I got the inner line with the padding also it will help on those long rides. These shorts alleviate the stereotypical "bike guy that wants to look like a tour pro" look. The world doesn't need to see my package although it should. I'm buying more NOW