Carbon Cycling Liner
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Carbon Cycling Liner - S,M & 2X

Ultimate Endurance

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"I honestly think it's the best in the market." - A. Horton, 11/3/15

Designed for epic races and rides of 4+ hours, our Carbon Liner delivers optimal performance all day in the saddle. The Italian-made Elastic Interface MTB Performance chamois offers our most firm support and is scientifically engineered to relieve key pressure points and accelerate moisture transfer away from the skin.

Wear ZOIC padded cycling liners instead of underwear to make any short a bike short. These inner shorts provide cushion and comfort for bike rides of any duration. Our cycling liners are categorized by ride time, based upon thickness of the chamois pad and how soft or firm the foam is, to help you choose the liner you need.

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    Carbon Liner pad features:
  • Anatomically contoured Elastic Interface chamois with 4-way stretch foam
  • Multi-level ergonomic pad profile
  • Triple density foam provides our most firm support
  • Advanced moisture wicking properties keep you drier on long rides
    Carbon Liner short features:
  • 6 panel liner shorts with no center front seam
  • Spandex mesh shell provides stretch, breathability and wicking to endure any activity
  • Reverse stitching places seams away from the body to reduce chafing
  • Plush ZOIC logo elastic on waistband and leg openings is soft against the skin
  • Tagless labels eliminate irritation
  • 9" Inseam
  • Please refer to our Size Chart to find *your* best fit
    Fabric contents:
  • Liner: 84% Polyester, 16% Spandex


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  • ZOIC Liner Matrix

Carbon Liner

Definitely the best liner I have used for all day mtb trips. I have tried other liners and this is worth the money.

A liner you can walk in.

These shorts have a nice fit (long in the legs and come up high in the back) for mountain biking. The padding does the job on long rides and is one of the few padded liners that I've tried that are comfortable to walk in, for those hike-a-bike situations. The one draw back is that material is quite warm on the legs, so the liners are bit hot to wear on warm days. The sizing for the large liner is spot on.

Carbon Liner

Probably one of the best liners I have bought. The pad has the right amount of thickness for a long ride and the liner material is nice and thin. The only issue are is the elastic around the legs, it is just a little to tight. But other than that they are awesome.

Carbon Liners

I bought the Zoic Ether shorts this summer and rode 20 times with the supplied liners (Essential Liners). I really liked the shorts--fit is great, nice to have pockets for a change, nice to have a zip fly for a change, well ventilated and super comfortable on and off the bike, BUT the liners didn't feel very cushioned. I bought the Carbon liners and really felt a huge comfort difference immediately--no discomfort during the ride (always about 2.5-3.0 hours) and no discomfort the next day when I rode again. Well worth the cost. BTW: my waist is 33" and the mediums fit perfectly in shorts and liners.

carbon liner review

This is the best liner for long rides. Ventilation is perfect and the padding has the perfect firmness.
For long rides on a hardtail is highly recommended.

Great Liners

I recently increased my riding to 1-200 miles per week, and like keeping my sun exposure to a minimum with tights or knickers. I bought the "carbon cycling liners" about 500 miles ago, and think that they are great--they wear very comfortably, and clearly minimize the saddle pressure where I sit. I think that they feel great on any length ride, shorter or longer. They also breathe very well, and I have been wearing them in the hot Arizona desert. They are the most comfortable liners that I have purchased, and recommend them highly.

Carbon Liners

Being a novice to the world of cycling/biking I don't have much to go by in terms of ratings/rankings but having said this, the Carbon liners have made my transition into spending hours a day in the saddle comfortable and pain free (leaving all the pain to my burning quads!!). In the near future I will be spending upwards of 4-5 hours a day on a bike (I will be on a touring bike going from the Canadian to the Mexican borders across the western USA) and look forward to having these liners as my first form of defense against saddle pain and fatigue.

Thanks for the great gear Paul and the team at ZOIC!

Carbon liner review

I purchased the Carbon liner in the hopes that "4+ hours" rides would be less chafing/brutal, or at the very least less uncomfortable.

I'm slightly disappointed that these didn't "miraculously" turn my longer rides into glides. The fit is good, and comfortable, and does alleviate some problems, so I'm left wondering that perhaps it isn't the product itself, but me, or maybe a combination of factors such as I need a different saddle and/or bike fit?

I wouldn't not recommend these to someone - they're a good place to start to make your rides more comfortable (I also own the "Essential" liner, and the Carbon are definitely better than those) but I'm guessing, for me, a more "holistic" approach to comfort is more applicable. I will be getting a new saddle, and a bike fit in the near future, so I'll be updating this/adding a new review then.

The best liner out there

I have three different Zoic liners and have to say, the liner system they have put together is great. They have different liners for varying times in the saddle. I recently purchased the Carbon liner and I honestly think it's the best in the market. I tend to do half-day rides or longer and this liner works perfectly for that. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a more substantial liner for longer rides. Can't beat it.

ZOIC carbon liner

Wanted to try ZOIC liner so I went with the carbon. They fit true to size. I like that the chamois is thicker they are really comfortable for long rides. They keep you cool in the south Louisiana heat. Thanks to ZOIC for making these liners.