New Season, New Bike, and Thank You's!

Hello, hope everyone is having a good start to the MTB season. As I had posted in my last blog, I was in the process of deciding whether to purchase the 2016 Santa cruz nomad or the 2016 Yt Industries Capra. After much research and indecision, I finally came to the conclusion that the Capra Pro Race was the best bike for me. Let me tell you all this was a decision that had me chomping at the bit because I had to wait for the bike as YT had not received all the parts to put it together. I ordered it on back order the first week of April and picked it up May 27th. Finally the angst of waiting was quickly extinguished and the excitement came over me at the first glance of this beauty. It comes equipped with full fox shocks with Kashima coating and a two tone gloss/flat black frame. To top it off it is full carbon with Dt swiss xmc1200 spine rims.

The only thing I could think after looking at this bike was how lucky I am to have such an amazing wife to let me acquire this insane, top of the line rig! It has now been a solid week on the bike and after a fitting and dialing in shocks I'm happier than I could have ever anticipated being. Coming off a 2008 26" Santa cruz nomad to this 27.5" Enduro beast I feel like I am speeding in an indy 500 car. I would never imagined a longer travel, longer wheelbase, and bigger wheels would corner and accelerate the way this bike does. New technology is so amazing and YT did a pristine job, piece for piece, with this bike. I have moved up to Expert level for competing this year and took my first podium in Los Olivos on the Nomad. As the Nomad has allowed me to progress from absolute beginner into Enduro MTB racer, the Capra is hands down the next step in the right direction towards even more successful biking and racing career. In only my first week on the bike I have been able to crush over 4000ft+ vert ascent rides, where I would be passed out in the ditch, cramping on the nomad.

I've been training hard on the Capra the past week and I am hands down blowing my old times out of the water. My next contest is the El Dorado Benduro in Garden Valley, followed by California Enduro Series at China Peak. These will be my first two contests on the new bike, a week away from each other. Only thing I know is that riding this bike puts a smile from ear to ear, so I'm winning all ready!

I want to thank my wife Kendal for all her hard work with our son and home. She is the one behind everything I do, giving me the ok to ride as much as possible and always telling me to push harder. I also want to thank my father-in-law, Matt May, for giving me the MTB bug, making the purchase of the new bike a possibility, and for everything he has done for us. I would not be successful without these two people in my life. Thank you both, and I'm going to work my very best to accomplish goals I had previously thought to be unreachable. Hope all enjoyed my blog and keep you posted on race results. Ride on!

New Season, New Bike, and Thank You's!