'Tis the season for giving back - Project Bike Love in Paraguay

Project Bike Love believes that bikes can change the world, especially for the lives of impoverished women and girls. Around the world women are struggling with the basics of life - going to school, obtaining a job and supporting their families. To many a bike is an essential need, providing safety, transportation, access to medical care, access to education, and much more. Locally, nationally, and internationally Project Bike Love advocates for women, empowering them through the gift of a bicycle and the support of a global community.

Today the Project Bike Love Team is heading to Paraguay to deliver 50 bikes to women in 3 communities over 3 days. The incredible recipients were each identified as needing a bike for transportation to access education, increase income, and add hours back to their days. Two local charities assisted with the screening process and the bikes were purchased from a local distributor, contributing to the Paraguayan economy.

Leading the effort is Erin Machan, ZOIC Community Marketing Manager, who co-founded Project Bike Love in 2015. “It’s amazing what the gift of a bicycle does for these women. For some of them they say it’s the biggest thing that has happened to them in their lives, they cry, they laugh, they kiss & hug us, they write us poetry; it’s life changing for them and life changing for us. You never see the world the same once you’ve experienced it.” – Erin

Erin is joined by co-founder Belen Ramirez, a family physician and aid worker for Doctors Without Borders who is also an avid athlete. Erin & Belen are supported in their effort by team mechanic Tom Place, an electrical engineer from North Carolina, and photographer Melody McClain who will professionally document their trip.

Follow Erin and Project Bike Love on social media through #projectbikelove and #zoicclothing and watch their trip to Paraguay unfold!

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'Tis the season for giving back - Project Bike Love in Paraguay