Tom "Danger"

Home Base

Asheville, NC

Riding Info

What is your primary bike?
Yeti SB5.5c is the daily driver set up as enduro monster truck machine. Have an Ibis Ripley for XC duty that is also setup like monster truck, ha. Also a Canfield Nimble 9 as the get-silly training bike that's SS with a 140 fork. Then a 40+yr-old Peugeot SS (hardtail bikes are not allowed to have gears in my house) for commuting and road.
Preferred style of riding:
Enduro. Mosey to the top, work on skills going down. Fitness is great, but the skills aspect is the part that keeps me coming back on shitty weather days and when I'm tired.
Facebook: Tom Place
Instagram: @tomdangerplace

Digging Deeper

What motivates you to ride?
Adventure and skills development motivate me to ride. The friends and atmosphere of huge groups motivate me to race. Not wanting to be a fat sack of crap motivates me train.
Biking related goals for 2017:
Compete (like, actually try) in at least 3 enduro races, complete Singletrack 6 with my best friend, go to the mountains a minimum of once per month to ride, go on no fewer than 4 van adventures, go to a DH park at least 4 times, enter at least once race per month (average), introduce myself to/meet >=50 new people through random rides, and not end up in the hospital.
Name some of your strengths and talents:
I'm outgoing and silly, so I tend to peer pressure people into riding a lot and make a point to rope others into completely ridiculous events and bad ideas frequently, I'm a happy motivator in groups, I basically don't sleep so I make time for things that are important to me, I'm a strong technical rider and downhiller, I can MacGuyver most anything, I can juggle pretty well, and if you ask me to play ukulele I can a little.