Portable Cycling Pad - Unisex
  • Portable Pad - Wide

Portable Cycling Pad - Unisex

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Commuting made easy and comfortable! Wear with any shorts, pants, jeans, etc.

Grab this Portable chamois and slip it inside any pants or shorts for padding when you need it, pull it out when you’re done without having to change clothes. Perfect for commuting and quick trips around town. Available in Narrow and Wide.


  • TMF chamois with moisture management
  • Bioactive stretch fabrics reduces odor by inhibiting bacterial growth
  • GripGrid patterned silicone backing keeps the pad in place
  • Multi-level ergonomic foam for maximum comfort
  • Included: mesh StashSack for storing the pad and washing separately after your ride
  • Choose your comfort by selecting NARROW or WIDE pad
      Fabric contents:
    • 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex

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    Supposedly,there are 124 reviews.When I clicked,I added to the ratings,without knowing it and when I clicked,read the reviews,I get nothing.I think all the reviews are just people clicking on the review indicator.

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    Thank you for your comment! The flames are just a rating system not the amount of reviews for the product, when you clicked on the reviews, it came up blank because no one has reviewed this product yet... I hope this helps, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at customerservice@zoic.com


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