What is your Day Job:
Mtb/bmx lessons, Freerider, content creator

What Bike(s) are you riding:
YT industries Capra core 4, YT industries Capra core 2, YT industries decoy e-bike, S&M bmx bike 20”

Where can we find you out riding on a regular basis?

My Favorite casual riding spots I like to ride are Rockypeak in Simi Valley, Area 51, The sapwi bike park, and all around the city and mountains of Ventura ? (summer time catch me at snow summit mtn bike park most the time)

Favorite post-ride food or drink:
My Favorite post shredd drink would definitely be some fresh pressed juices or if I’m in a hurry I use a liquid iv packet and mix that with a bottle  water. Foood wise, I eat a banana with some raw honey on top so I don’t get muscle cramps while riding

What are your riding/bike related plans this year?
This year I’m all about riding traveling to new mtn bike spots and making rad friends to help spread the love of mtn bikes and the right gear to ride in.

What ZOIC is your go to ZOIC gear?
I can’t ride without my Edge Pants, light and stretchy for wearing pads or extending new tricks. Carbon Liners are also a must in my everyday rides. I’m All about being comfortable when I ride and the carbon liners are just thing i need for those extra climbs. Fall Line Flannel for colder weather rides and I think the flannel makes me look handsome, so you should get one too trust me.