What is your Day Job: Facilities/powerplant supervisor

What Bike(s) are you riding:
Trek Slash,  Trek top fuel, Trek Farley, NS Suburban

Where can we find you out riding on a regular basis?
The White Mountains of NH #Bikethewhites, at my homebase Highland MTB Park, and just about any other enduro/progressive trail in the northeast.
Favorite post-ride food or drink: Burritos/killer fried chicken sandwich (spicy of course on both) A low ABV / IBU IPA or Pilsner Beer hits the spot

What are you up to bike-related this year?
Keeping it fun, exploring my local mountains, trying to push this sport forward in my region by pushing the boundaries of what/where we ride and trying to shape peoples perspective on what mountain biking really is here in the Northeast through my social media channels. Media work to help support local trail systems that are creating expert level trails. Finding and showcasing the best trails I can find whether it's here in the northeast or where ever life takes me.

What ZOIC is your go to ZOIC gear?
The new super lightweight, ultra breathable Aire shorts, are my current go to. I also run The One shortsEdge Pant, and Premium Liners on a regular basis.