What is your Day Job:
Supervisor Environmental Health Services

What Bike(s) are you riding:
Pivot Phoenix for Downhill, Pivot Shadowcat for Dual Slalom, Pivot Point for Dirt Jumps and Pump Track, Pivot Mach 6 for Trails. BMX Bikes: Standard Race and Trail Bike

Where can we find you out riding on a regular basis?
Yikes, anywhere on the front range. Valmont is my favorite place as it has a little bit of everything. Dirt Jumps, Slopestyle, Pumptrack and a Slalom course. Other local spots I frequent: Trestle Bike Park & Ruby Hill Bike Park

Favorite post-ride food or drink:
Margaritas and Chippies ◡̈

What are your riding/bike related plans this year?
Sedona MTB Festival, Sea Otter Classic, Pump Track Worlds Qualifiers, Bentonville Bike Festival, Strait Acres Dual Slalom Events, Rampage, & hopefully Whistler and Pump Track Worlds ◡̈

What ZOIC is your go to ZOIC gear?
Whitney LS Jersey & The Mens Edge Pant ◡̈