Meet a ZOIC Shop Pro | Jesse Underwood

Jesse Underwood

Mechanic, sales and rentals... or whatever needs done at Broadway Bicycles in Tucson, Arizona

What's the best part your job?
My favorite thing is helping others out when they have a problem or need advice. I love seeing the enjoyment and freedom bikes offer to people of all ages.
And the toughest?
Walmart bikes and rude customers.
What do you wish all customers knew about working in a bike shop ?
 I wish people knew how specific some bikes and bike parts can be and how we can’t stock everything or compete with online.
How are you involved in the local bike community? We do group rides - road and mountain - and do an annual bike packing trip. We sponsor trail work events and donate time and money to SDMB and Torca, the local trail advocacy groups. We have also worked with a few kids on the local NICA team.
Now to the important stuff, do you have a shop dog?
We don’t have a shop dog, but our shop is dog-friendly so some customers bring theirs in and occasionally I bring in my dog, Hailey. If it was my shop Hailey would be there everyday!
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Facebook: Broadway Bicycles