Sedona Mountain Biking: Riding at the Sedona Bike Festival 2022

Riding Sedona

The Zoic MTB crew was on hand for the 2022 Sedona Mountain Bike Festival. Having missed last year everyone was excited to be back out in the iconic red dirt of Sedona Arizona. Zoic had a few ambassadors on hand for 3 days of riding. Zoic also had a little help from local secret or actually not so secret weapon Simon. For those who don’t know Simon, we are sorry. Simon is an absolute legend. This local shredder now in his 60’s has been tearing up the hills of Sedona for more than 25 year. If Simon asks, just say yes. He was kind enough to show us some of his favorite trails.

Sedona MTB festival

Sedona Mountain Bike Trails

Sedona never ceases to amaze me. If you’ve never been I would highly recommend it! The trail systems are close to town and easy to access. There is some much availability for creativity on the slick rock and shoots. If you just want to cruise or get gnarly, there is something for everyone.

sedona mtb trails sedona MTB festival