Supporting Our Sport

ZOIC is proud to announce a new partnership with Sprockids, an instructional program designed to engage young people ages 5 to 18 in mountain biking. Biking provides a positive focus for youth, develops their self-esteem, evokes a strong sense of community, and introduces them to a healthy active lifestyle. The program teaches off-road skills through drills, games, and fun activities, while tracking individual progress. Sprockids leaves no kid on the sidelines, cyclists of all abilities are celebrated and invited to participate!

kids riding bikes with their coach

The idea for Sprockids catalyzed around founder Sean Bascom’s idea to provide a peer group for his daughters to ride with. Sean found the stoke of mountain biking at a very young age and has been an avid rider since. His effort to share this experience with his daughters and apply his skills as an instructor for the US Navy has evolved Sprockids into a booming mountain biking instructional program that gives back to the next generation of riders.

kids riding bikes with their coach Sprockids emphasizes practicing an active lifestyle, taking responsibility for your own actions and having empathy for others. They cultivate this through drills, adventures, and games, in the belief that fun and play is key to long lasting learning. Instructors focus on the importance of etiquette, fair play, and leadership while emphasizing the critical roles of self-esteem and confidence. They foster a strong sense of community that extends into the tenets of mountain bike culture, reinforcing the importance of taking care of ourselves, our environment, and each other, all while learning to be better mountain bikers.

Learn more about Sprockids here. Shop the expanded line of ZOIC gear for kids & youth here.

two girls on bikes