ZOIC Partners with Ninja Mountain Bike Performance Camps

ZOIC is joining forces with Ninja Mountain Bike Performance, the leading riding skills instruction program in the US, to give riders greater understanding of the proper gear and skills for mountain biking, encouraging positive riding experiences in order to grow engagement in the sport. ZOIC Clothing is designed for superior fit, support, mobility and breathability to ensure that riders enjoy mountain biking. Ninja instruction gives riders the knowledge and training to confidently handle their bikes and seek new experiences. Under the alliance, Ninja camp participants will receive educational presentations from ZOIC about ideal mountain bike clothing fit and function and ZOIC will outfit all Ninja instructors. In turn ZOIC will share Ninja instructional content with its community through email, web and social media platforms. Cross-promotional discounts and incentives, as well as unique co-branded experiences, will be offered as well. Explaining the motivation for the alliance, ZOIC CEO Paul Wyandt stated, “This partnership with Ninja Mountain Bike Performance is an ideal complement to our brand mission of increasing participation in mountain biking by giving riders the confidence and comfort to have positive, engaging trail experiences that they will want to repeat and share.”

“We have tapped a thirst for knowledge among mountain bikers to improve their ability to ride the trails they know and to tackle new terrain; we believe educating our event particpants on ZOIC features and benefits for trail riding provides a natural extension to our instruction.” - Hannah Levine, Captain of Global Development of Ninja Mountain Bike Performance
ZOIC wants to transform your enjoyment of mountain biking through more than just comfortable clothing. Proper training and technique can revolutionize your riding experience. Members of the ZOIC community can now save 50% off an upcoming clinic or camp! Use code ZOICVIP at signup and browse upcoming clinics in your area here.